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Logos Quiz Answers

Links to pictures with answers of logo quiz game (iOS – iphone, ipad version):

  • Level 1
  • Level 2 Part 1
  • Level 2 Part 2
  • Level 3 Part 1
  • Level 3 Part 2
  • Level 4 Part 1
  • Level 4 Part 2
  • Level 5 Part 1
  • Level 5 Part 2
  • Level 6 Part 1
  • Level 6 Part 2
  • Level 7 Part 1
  • Level 7 Part 2
  • Level 8 Part 1
  • Level 8 Part 2
  • Level 9 Part 1
  • Level 9 Part 2

    You can download Logo Quiz Game:
    iOS (iPhone, iPad, iMac)
    Android (all mobile phones with Android OS)

    Don’t lose your expensive time to guessing logo names, try our Logo Quiz Answers, click the picture:

    Solution logo quiz apple

    Logo Quiz Answers

    The simplest things in the world deserve the best attention. This is the case of Logo Quiz Game which has developed into agonizing hunt for logos all over the world. The rules are simple. You should guess the name of the company the logo on the screen of your device performs. This game is compatible with any Apple device with IOS 4.0 and later. You may wonder what can make the game so popular and where is the challenge in the game? However this false opinion gradually vanishes when you launch the game for the first time.

    How to launch the game? You should have an iDevice (iPhone, iPod or iPad) and visit your Apple Store. The Logo Quiz Game is distributed for free and does not require special settings in your device to launch it. The start butting will introduce you to the world of logos. Have you ever noticed that your everyday life is full of logos, brand names and company signs? They accompany every step and move of our lives, however we pay minor attention to the pictures labeled on the things of our environment. But if you are attentive and your memory works well you will feel easy in the game as all that you need is just guess the logo name correctly!

    What are the challenges of the Logo Quiz Game? If everything were so simple the game would not receive such a recognition and popularity all over the world. The game has 9 levels limited in time. You are provided a set of logos and should guess all of them to proceed further. Another trap is that you are not provided a choice of answers as many other quiz games do. You need to find the right answer for each logo on your own and then type it in correctly minding the spelling (if the answer is incorrect or is incorrectly typed in the game will not accept this answer). The game performs some hints and stars which are limited for the game so you should use them carefully. However you may use them as you like in every level. These will not be restored with each new level. However you will get the same portion of hints and stars if you start a new game.

    What other possibilities provide the Logo Quiz Game for passing the levels? If there were no other hints and helps in the game it would be impossible to cope with the levels. The developers give you a chance to find the right answer with your social network community! Invite your friends into a discussion of a logo you can not guess. Besides it is the only chance to proceed further if you are blocked for wrong answers and do not have other portion of hints and stars. If you feel better with stars and hints you may restore them on your account for 1.99US dollars. There are different help kits (with different quantity of hints and stars) available and determining the price of the kit.

    What versions of the game are available? You can start your Logo Quiz Game challenge with a basic version performing some annoying commercials. If these do not irritate you, you may stay with this version up to the end of the game. However there is a PRO version available which is stripped of commercials and provides more free hints and stars.

    Are there any precautions for the game? No, the game is suitable as for kids so for adults and performs no harmful or abusing content. The technical performance is also very smooth. The game does not prevent your device from normal functioning. Logo Quiz Game runs well along with other apps launched. Thus you can enjoy your play list according with the game logo challenge.

    The game is impossible to complete! Each update adds not only improvements to the Logo Quiz Game performance and bug fixing, however launches new challenging logos heating the gambling passion of the Apple community! The game gains extreme popularity and the developers work at its logo traps figuring out how to make the game even more intricate!

    Challenge your logo memory and find out who is the best logo expert among your friends!


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